Seven years ago, Jack Bennett gave Mary Claire Coleman an ultimatum: marry me or I’m out of here. When she declined, he kept his word and moved halfway across the globe.

Imagine Mary Claire’s surprise when Jack walks into her local Boise watering hole—and back into her life—two weeks before Christmas. Although Mary Claire put romance aside long ago to run her successful antique shop, this chance encounter has all the crackling electricity of their previous passion. She tries to keep her emotions in check, but a scorching hot date proves that their chemistry isn’t just in her head—it’s in every part of her body. If she can find a way to move beyond the ghosts of her past, this might be the year that Jack and Mary Claire unwrap the best Christmas presents ever—each other.

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The last place he expected to find lasting love was back in his hometown.
Slater knew tragedy from a young age, but with the support of his foster family, he turned his life around. Now, back from a stint in the Navy, he’s packed up his motorcycle and returned to Red Hook to help to run the family restaurant—a job that comes with a tantalizing upside. Her name is Rocki.
Flirty, sweet, and outgoing, Rocki brings in crowds as the lead singer of ...

 Chapter One



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Logan Blaise expected to be taking a quick break from his successful vineyard in Napa to visit his hometown of Brooklyn. But what he finds is a complete mess: His father is sicker than he’d imagined, and Logan is responsible for keeping the family restaurant running smoothly. When the chef quits, he’s forced to hire the first person who applies for the job—Skye Maxwell, a beautiful enigma with great skills and gaps in her résumé.

 Skye is determined to make it on her own, without trading on her famous family name. Working in the community of Red Hook offers the perfect opportunity to stay out of the limelight while pursuing her dreams. At first glance, charismatic Logan seems exactly like all the shallow men she knew back home. But as she notices his small-town roots and strong family ties, the Brooklyn bad boy and his restaurant start to feel exactly like where she really belongs....

Chapter One



Elyse Fitzgerald is on a blind date from hell in Brooklyn’s historic waterfront neighborhood of Red Hook when she stumbles into a childhood friend—and childhood crush. She knows Simon would never be interested in his little sister’s friend, even though she’s all grown up. So it’s a lucky break that he doesn’t recognize her…

Simon Sprague is an artist who picks up bartending shifts at a local family-owned pub. To the artistic Simon, the women he usually meets at work are uninspiring. Except for the dark-eyed goddess who just walked into his bar. He feels an instant connection with her, and the mysterious angel seems to know him. Quick on his feet, Simon goes along with the ride… but will he lose his heart to a hometown girl along the way?



  It would take a miracle for Storm Decker to return to Red Hook – or a tragedy....

The neighborhood holds too many painful memories of his troubled childhood, including the mistake that sent him running from the ex-cop he’d come to consider his father.  But when Pete suddenly falls ill, Storm is called home to face the past he tried to leave behind long ago…

Breanna Collins never expected to see Storm again after he left town without a word, breaking her heart.  She’s angry that he can’t seem to appreciate the changes in their neighborhood.  But she still feels a powerful connection to her old flame.  And unless she can remind him of all the reasons to stay, she knows he’ll never stick around long enough to give their romance the second chance it deserves…

Chapter One


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 BACK TO YOU recieves an awesome review from Kirkus Reviews!

Storm Decker returns to Red Hook, Brooklyn, to care for the man who raised him like a son and face the woman he loved with all his heart; can they overcome the oceans that separate them and the walls they've built to protect themselves, or is it even a good idea to try?

When Storm gets word that Pete, the man who took him in as a child, is sick and needs help running his tavern, he takes the first flight out from New Zealand, sneaking into the house in the middle of the night--only to be met by Breanna Collins and a smack to the head with a frying pan. Not a revenge smack, but a survival one--Bree thinks he's a burglar. And not that he doesn't deserve a revenge smack, since he abandoned her mid-kiss-that-was-definitely-leading-to-something-else 11 years ago and never once looked back.

Bree wouldn't mind if she never saw Storm again, but she needs his help with Pete and Nicki, the 10-year-old girl Pete's taken in, so she'll put up with him. For now. And she'll do everything in her power to deny the sizzling attraction they both feel and the sense of unfinished business that lingers between them. After all, he's made it clear he's headed back to his life and his business halfway across the globe and that the quicker he gets out of Red Hook the happier he'll be. But the neighborhood has changed, and the woman who holds it all together with fierce love and loyalty is more compelling than ever. Storm left her once for her own good. He's not sure he can do it again. And the more time he spends in Red Hook with Bree, the less sure he is he even wants to.

Fluid storytelling, convincing characters and an arc that is both passionate and poignant make for an emotionally gratifying contemporary romance.



 BACK TO YOU recieves a great review from Publisher's Weekly!

"Kaye (Call me Wild) throws together richly drawn love-challenged characters to launch her Bad Boys of Red Hook contemporary romance series, set in an impoverished industrial Brooklyn neighborhood…. As they weave their way through old memories and new realities, Bree and Storm slowly reignite old passion. A strong sense of place makes this a solid series launch.”



BACK TO YOU recieves a 4-star Review from Romantic Times Magazine

"Set in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and featuring a wayward hometown boy and his sassy, insecure lover at its center, Kaye's tale is chock full of distinct, unique characters straight out of a genuine New York neighborhood. Laced with amausing, edgy dialogue, this Bad Boys of Red Hook series starter will hook you for hours."

~Melanie Bates